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My first memory of words comes from the King James Bible.

For some reason, at the age of four, I memorized the Christmas story as told in Luke 2. One of my parents must have read it to me frequently. I loved the sound and rhythm of the words and the way they combined to tell such an amazing story. I particularly loved these words, “Fear not for behold I give you good tidings of great joy. . . ”

Fear and joy. Both such an integral part of my life. And all wrapped up in Jesus.

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Afton Water

My father, an English professor, apparently liked the poem “Afton Water”  by Robert Burns so when I appeared in this world, he declared that my name should be Afton. He loved the idea that my first name fit so well with my last name—Banks.

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Celebrating our 25th anniversary in London

As a teenager, I just wanted a “normal” name, a name that wouldn’t land me in the male dorm at band camp. And then I got married and added a new last name—Rorvik, which means “Bay of Pipes” in Norwegian. I have now completely muddled my father’s metaphor.

I have been a part of the publishing industry since 1987.  LinkedIn will tell you more, and you can read a full or short version of my bio.
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