Stop and See

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Today I give you a visual blog.

Every day this September I try to do my three things (walk, women, and worship) and perhaps you have joined me in this habit. If you missed the blog last week about three things, you can find it here:

A few days ago I did my walk at a local park (Cantigny) that has a huge rose garden. What a delight to wander among the roses and stop to smell them.

Let me share some of those roses with you now and encourage you to find a way this week to stop and see the beauty of God’s creation.

Breathe deeply, relax, and enjoy.





2 thoughts on “Stop and See

  1. Linda W

    How beautiful!!! So glad you posted these pictures. A lovely reminder of the beautiful all around us. Just being out in nature is so refreshing, isn’t it? Maybe that’s why God created flowers.

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