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For several months, I’ve wrestled with the question: “To blog or not to blog” (an infinitely less significant question than Hamlet’s “To be or not to be.”)

I’ve wrestled with my blog content, the purpose of it, the time it takes to write, etc. I see you other writers nodding your heads. :)

My hope for my blog was always to start a conversation about Storm Sister living and faith and life. I’ve come to see, however, that a blog just isn’t the best way for me to go about developing and sustaining that conversation. My blog, in truth, has become a monologue.

What to do?

I’ve landed on this: I will make conversation-starter posts about Storm Sister living, faith, and life on Facebook.


First, I think Facebook will facilitate more conversation because of how it is structured. That has always been my goal.

Second, I’ve come to love following some of my favorite authors on Facebook. Their posts talk of everyday life and faith and friendship as if I were sitting with them and chatting over a cup of coffee.

Third, I need to push some of the deadline crunch out of my life and replace it with times of connection. I never thought I’d say this (shh!), but I have come to enjoy and appreciate community living on Facebook—in reasonable doses, of course. (Many of you know how anti-social media I have been.)

So, my friend, thank you for reading my blog. And especially thank you to those of you who have commented and participated. :) Join me now in closing this chapter of the book and opening a new one on Facebook:







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4 thoughts on “See You on Facebook

  1. I can’t help being sad at the close of this chapter. Will comment on Facebook.

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