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Hi Friends—Popping in for a quick hello on this very last day of July. :) Thought I’d share with you some of my favorites from July. Next month I’ll get back to offering a recipe, and I’ll also have some book reviews and introduce you to some of my writing friends. I’ll probably have some books to give away. :) Hope your summer is going well. Know that I always love to hear from you.

Most of July was filled with people popping in and out and then a trip to CO. How can you not love this view?


But my favorite view remains this one below.  I LOVE seeing a pile of shoes by the door. It says, “We are here to laugh and eat and talk and just enjoy each other.” IMG_2013 2 (1)

But I know you know that hospitality doesn’t always involve a house or food or even a pile of shoes. I wrote about out-of-the-house hospitality earlier this month at (in)Courage:

Living connected brings joy, yes, but it also brings sorrow as we get close enough to others to feel their pain and step into their mess and allow them to step into our mess. Truthfully, I sometimes just want to sit inside my cozy house on my comfortable chair. Alone. But my faith in God pushes me to get up and get out. I wrote about it earlier this month on the Arise Daily devotional:

And speaking of shoes, I found this darling little lady at a CO thrift store. Couldn’t resist. After all, life is all about the shoes, right?IMG_2068IMG_2067






Cheering you on as you seek to live connected!

4 thoughts on “Life Is All about the Shoes!

  1. Linda Baker

    What a gorgeous Colorado pic.

    I admit, I’ve never thought that way about the shoes. Usually, I’m just trying to manage the mess by the door. What great perspective to think instead about how glad I am that my loved ones are home and safe, and how good it is to have them here.

    I must have missed your out of the house hospitality post. Again, a new thought for me. But, you’re right that it is a gift of hospitality to communicate to the strangers around us, that we see them and are glad to share this time and space with them. Hospitality is all about saying, “you’re worth the effort” .

    PS: As I was writing, a young guy came to the door trying to sell us windows. With your blog in mind, I made sure to smile and be kind. He told me that I’d made his day. Imagine if I’d been interested in buying windows!

    1. afton Post author

      Love your random hospitality encounter with the window guy!!Amazing what a simple smile can do.

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