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Retreat? Or not.

To withdraw. To draw back.

My dictionary tells me those terms describe the word retreat. But, I wonder, do those words do justice to the weekend I just spent with four college friends? We called our days together a retreat, but we did anything but withdraw from each other.

Guess I’m really thinking of the noun-version of the word.

A place of refuge.

In reality my friends and I drew toward each other by spending time eating together, walking together, making airport runs, laughing, speaking honestly,  listening carefully, and praying for each other.

We focused our time together around three simple questions: What was the high point of your year? What was the low point of your year? How can we pray for you?

Each woman had a voice. And each woman had loving words of earnest prayer fall over her. (At least until Ringo started barking!)

We became a place of refuge for each other: “You can be who you are. Me too. You can say what you need to say. Me too. You can laugh. You can cry. Me too. Together.”

Perhaps you have had a similar weekend with girlfriends.  I would love to hear about it.