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Storm Sisters Connection Newsletter Coming

Hi Friends! I’ve so missed connecting with you. I think I’ve come up with a solution that works a bit better for me and should be a bit more interesting for you. :)

I’m working on a monthly Storm Sisters Connection newsletter. It will contain a variety of bits and pieces each month. Always a Storm Sister story. Sometimes a recipe or book review. Sometimes silly photos of the Chief Furry Officer. Sometimes a question or two to ponder. Sometimes a link to blogs that helped me understand God and connection.

My hope for the newsletter?

A place for you to find encouragement and community. A place for us all to celebrate God’s good gift to us of connection with other women.

If you’re interested, sign up here or on my Facebook page:, or you can shoot me an email if that is easier:

Also, if you have a story or recipe or photo you would like to share, let me know. I would LOVE to make this a community newsletter.

So . . . until we meet again, I’ll leave you with a blog I just wrote for (In)courage. By the way, if you don’t know about this blog, you should. :) Lots of encouragement here for faith and friendship.



It happens on the second Friday night of every month. Dinner with three girlfriends.

One of us is single, two of us are married with teenage children, and one of us is married with grown children. We all love Jesus and seek to live for Him. And we have called each other friend for decades.

On a recent Friday night, I came with a heavy heart. Apparently it also showed on my face. My friends asked me to explain and then listened to my story as tears filled their eyes. With my last words still lingering on my tongue, one friend said, “Could we pray for you?”

“Oh, yes. Please!”

So while other diners continued to talk and laugh loudly, we bowed our heads together and started praying out loud.

You can read the rest of the blog here:

See you soon!

Grateful!  Afton Rorvik


The Gift of Encouragement

In my sunny blue office, I have a little vignette sitting on my filing cabinet—a pitcher and two tea cups. I see it every day before I sit to write. And I remember the giver of this gift—Helen deVette.

She loved that word vignette. She loved talking about words and books. And she loved talking about her Heavenly Father.

I knew her first in college as my professor. But long after college I found myself drawn to her green house a few blocks away for an afternoon of word-talk and large doses of encouragement.

The day she gave me the tea set, I felt overwhelmed and tried to refuse it. “Oh, no. This is yours.” She insisted, “This is for you.” With her eyes on an imminent trip to heaven, she knew that the things she had in this world would not travel with her to eternity.

And so I have tea set out on my filing cabinet. It waits for me every day. It speaks to me silently, just as my friend would have spoken audibly: “Keep writing. I believe in you”

How has a gift from a friend brought you encouragement?