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All about the Shoes

Something about a pile of shoes by the front door just makes me grin. Maybe you feel that way too.


The pile reminds me that people have come into my home and decided to relax and enter into whatever happens within our walls. They have chosen connection over a myriad of other options.

It also tells me that my “tribe” has gathered. These are my “peeps.” We belong together whether by blood or by choice. We have chosen to take the time to talk and listen and laugh together. We know each other and stand as witnesses to each others’ lives.

The random pairs of shoes tossed on top of each other also illustrates that life lived together can look and feel messy. As we pop into each others’ spaces, we don’t always do it with perfect manners or precise, kind words. (And sometimes, let’s face it, just like a pile of shoes, we do carry with us a certain, well, odor.)

Connection is still worth it, don’t you think?

Hope you find some kick-your-shoes-off-and-connect time this summer. :)

And speaking of connection, don’t forget that we are celebrating friendship here on the blog in August in honor of International Friendship Day on August 7. Every Monday in August I will share with you a Storm Sister story from a reader.

If you have a Storm Sister and want to tell me about her, even in just a sentence or two, I would love to send you both a FriendChips calendar and tell your story in August. Just reply to this blog in the comment section.




Shoes, Words, and Publishing

I have the shoes. Every new venture requires at least one new pair of shoes, right?

Today as you read this, my shoes and I have started a new venture. After many years of freelancing from my cozy, blue office, I will now work in an office with flesh-and-blood people.  And I will talk to them, not just to my Chief Furry Officer.

Many years ago a friend of mine dreamed a dream of starting a publishing company, and today that dream begins. A dream he shares with a good friend of his.

These two men gathered a little group of us together to help shape and execute their dream. Today we began to cast a vision, to talk to each other, to listen to each other, to trust each other’s wisdom and creativity. We began a publishing company. Yahoo!

We will strive to do it all with grace and humility and integrity. We love stories. We love authors. And we love Jesus.

Join me, would you, in welcoming Gilead Publishing to the world?

You can read more about us here: http://www.stevelaube.com/blog/






My Favorite Colorado View

On our recent Colorado trip, my husband and I kept saying, “Wow! Can you believe this?”

Snow-capped mountains (in July!).
Streams of mountain runoff nestled among wildflowers.
A lake full of lily pads tucked away in the middle of a forest.
A moose that wandered over to our rented townhouse for breakfast one morning.
A  sunset that seemed to bounce off nearby mountain ranges creating what looked like three different sunsets . . .

Despite all this natural beauty, one of the views, truly, that moved me most each day was this one:


Silly of me? Overly sentimental? Probably.

But every time I saw that pile of shoes, it reminded me of the people connected to them—people who had come to visit.

A kick-my-shoes-off-and settle-into-the-sofa sort of visit.
A let-us-make-you-a steak-dinner sort of visit.
A let’s-stay-up-late-laughing-and-talking-in-the-hot-tub sort of visit.