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A Storm? What Storm?

Here in Illinois tornadoes appear frequently and devastate randomly. I respect them. And so I head for the basement when I see or hear the warning signs . . . well . . . usually.

One night my husband and I woke to the sound of our teenage daughter knocking on our door: “We have a tornado warning! What should we do?” We should have jumped out of bed and rushed for the basement. We should have grabbed some bottled water and a flashlight on the way. We should have turned on the radio. Instead, one of us muttered, “It is okay. Just go back to sleep.”

Sadly, I often take a similar approach to the storms of life. If I don’t react to this difficulty, maybe it will just go away. And, truthfully, I often go back to bed.

What would happen if I—if we all—took more of a tornado-aware approach to life? What if when the storms come, rather than trying to downplay them, we instead gathered those we love and headed for shelter? Together. What if when the storms come, we could turn to a store of ready provisions, including friends and faith?

What do you think?