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Walking around in Circles

So . . . I finally dragged myself to the gym last week, making my debut at 4:30 one afternoon. I walked in to see masses of college students working out on treadmills, lifting weights, running on the track. . . .  Eek!

At least I have pretty shoes.

I began to walk around the track. But clever-me, I first plugged my headphones into my phone, and pulled up Mozart on my Pandora App. I wonder if these youngsters know I can figure this out?!

As I watched (and felt) these college students fly around me, mother-thoughts crept over me: Are you balancing your exercise with healthy eating? Are you getting enough sleep? Making time for friends?

I wonder if some students had thoughts of their own, such as: Who is this annoying middle-aged woman with the really blue shoes who can’t stay in the inside lane?

I tried to grin and hold my head up and keep walking in circles. Then I started to see.

A young man skipping (!) at the other end of the track. Big grin.
Another young man sitting by the pool below the track and engrossed in deep conversation with a young woman. Not much of a grin.
A woman ahead of me with her arm in a sling. Lots of grimacing.

Each person a story.

Think I’ll come back to the gym. Maybe tomorrow. Something fascinating about going around in circles and feeling all mixed up in the human story.

Thank you, friend, for choosing to be mixed up in my story. Know that I am grateful.

“Every time your name comes up in my prayers, I say, ‘Oh, thank you, God!’ ”  (Philemon 1:4, The Message)


Friendship Courtesy of My CFO

So . . . I promised you a charming story about my dog. Don’t want to disappoint. If you haven’t yet met my Chief Furry Officer, Ringo, check out the photos on my website under Meet My CFO on the About Afton page.

On to the story . . .

Every morning during the week a text whistles on my phone. Remarkable because I don’t have a long list of people to text, but also remarkable because it happens like clockwork. Usually at 8 or 8:15. Walk? Sometimes I send it; sometimes my neighbor Bev sends it.

If Ringo hears the text whistle at me, he immediately runs to the front door to peer out of it and across the street to where his friend Chase lives with my friend Bev.

And then the Chase-alarm begins—a unique mix of whine and bark. All to say, “My buddy! Ready? Ready! Let’s go!!!!”

So the boys drag us out our respective doors, often to the middle of our street. Then they give each other a doggie high-five, sometimes a double-pawed high-five. Five seconds later they dash off to begin their peeing competition.

As the boys meander (as opposed to briskly walking), Bev and I laugh at their antics and talk over what the day ahead holds. Ten or fifteen minutes of fresh air, occasional vitamin D, laughter, and conversation. What a way to start the morning!

When we reach home again, we promise to meet again tomorrow morning. Chase plants himself on his lawn until we get safely across the street and into our front door. (Does he think we’ll get lost or maimed on the way home?!)

Bev and I hang on to these meanders just as much as our furry boys do. Starting the day with a friend every day . . . what joy! (Maybe Bev and I should start doing a fist bump or something. Hmm. . . . )

How do you make time to hang on to friends?