Storm Sisters

Storm Sisters: Friends Through All Seasons
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“In a truly transparent and genuine way, Afton shows us how the sisterhood of believers is intended to work.  Through her own storms and those of her friends, she beautifully illustrates the basic principles we need to know in order to help each other navigate our storms.  She gives us a clear picture of what it means to weep with those who weep.

I’ve known Afton since before she married my good friend, John, and I’ve watched her walk through these storms.  I’ve seen how she has learned to share her struggles, her doubts, her fears with her sisters, and how she has been there for them when they couldn’t see through their own clouds of doubt and fear.  As a leader of women in my church, I see again and again how desperately we need each other.  God never intended for us to walk through our storms alone.

This book will give you hope in your storm. It will give you guidance and ideas on how to reach out to your sisters in their storms. It will take you deeper into God’s Word to fortify your soul and you will be better prepared to be a storm sister.”

–From the foreword by Mary Whelchel, Founder of The Christian Working Woman and Director of Women’s Ministries for the Moody Church in Chicago

Read what others are saying about Storm Sisters :

“I love the notion of “storm sisters” – soul friends who help us get through life’s most raw and painful transitions. In her new book, Afton Rorvik invites readers to “reach for friendship” when we struggle. Part memoir and part spiritual guide, Storm Sisters is an excellent resource for women’s groups and retreats. Read it with the women who show up for you and find new, life-giving ways to support your spiritual sisters when they are navigating hard times.”

–Jennifer Grant, Author of Love You More, MOMumental, Wholehearted Living, and Disquiet Time

“Storm Sisters is an authentic and encouraging book in which the author shares how to walk through both the highs and lows of life with a friend. Yet this book is more than a how-to manual. Each chapter will invite the reader to engage in self-reflection through suggested journal questions. Storm Sisters is a must-read for the mind, emotions, and the soul.”

–Jennifer Stenzel, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Executive Director of Stenzel Clinical Services, Ltd.

“Tears streamed down my cheeks as I read Storm Sisters and was reminded of precious friends who have been present in my own painful struggles. Afton Rorvik’s stories of the blessing of friends who walk beside us during struggles are a precious reminder that God calls us to be encouragement, strength and help for one another. Afton’s gentle stories of her own difficult times and those of her friends are wonderful reminders of the blessing of friends who show up to do those things as they gently point us to God’s presence and love . . . even when life is very painful.”

–Carolyn Larsen, author of the best-selling The Little Girls Bible Storybook for Mothers and Daughters

“Deep female friendships do not come naturally to all women. Personally, I have often admired them from afar, but not known how to engage in them in my own life. Author Afton Rorvik models these friendships in her book Storm Sisters. As I read, I implemented her ideas, contacting friends who are enduring storms. Afton gave beautiful words to my heartfelt emotions, borrowing them from her book made caring for my friends more doable.”

–Marie Allison, Director Connect Ministry, Wheaton Bible Church

“As Afton travels through the storm of losing her mother, the Bible is her boat. Through the rough currents of life, she shares how she has drawn strength from that source…She encourages you to search out and enrich your life with the sisterhood relationships that help stay your course. Very well written and touches your heart.”

–Karolyn Grimes, Zuzu Bailey in the holiday film It’s a Wonderful Life

“We’ve all been through the storms of life. What a comfort to know the One who quiets the winds and calms the raging seas—and sometimes uses our sisters-in-Christ to do it. In Storm Sisters, Afton Rorvik shares the wisdom she gained on her journey through a difficult storm, and introduces us to the godly women who supported her along the way. Full of depth and biblical comfort, this book is a must-read for all women. Because at some time or other we will all need, or need to be, a Storm Sister.”

–Virginia Smith, bestselling author of the Sister-to-Sister Series and Rainy Day Dreams

“Afton has written a transparent and open account of struggle and loss, and what it means to have your sisters of the heart walk with you along life’s challenging paths. Readers will find themselves inspired, and they will also discover thought-provoking questions to help them explore their own hopes, needs and directions. Thus, Storm Sisters becomes a dialogue, an encouragement and a help in difficult times.”

–Liz Duckworth, author of A Perfect Word for Every Occasion and Wildflower Living