About Me

I savor words, flavored coffee, time outside, and living connected. Although I am an introvert, I have come to realize that what really matters in life is people and faith in Jesus, which gives me the strength and courage to live connected.

My father, an English professor, apparently liked the poem “Afton Water” by Robert Burns so when I appeared in this world, he declared that my name should be Afton. He loved the idea that my first name fit so well with my last name—Banks.

As a teenager, I just wanted a “normal” name, a name that wouldn’t land me in the male dorm at band camp. And then I got married and added a new last name—Rorvik, which means “Bay of Pipes” in Norwegian. I have now completely muddled my father’s metaphor.

For our 25th anniversary, my husband and I traveled to Scotland where I had the delight of dipping my toes in the Afton river and hearing my husband read me “my” poem. Ah!

I have been a part of the publishing industry since 1987. LinkedIn will tell you more.

Meet My CFO

Ringo, my Chief Furry Officer, offered me daily doses of cheer and comfort as well as occasional, profound literary insights for over thirteen years. I miss him!