Storm Sisters: Friends Through All Seasons

“In a truly transparent and genuine way, Afton shows us how the sisterhood of believers is intended to work. Through her own storms and those of her friends, she beautifully illustrates the basic principles we need to know in order to help each other navigate our storms. She gives us a clear picture of what it means to weep with those who weep.
I’ve known Afton since before she married my good friend, John, and I’ve watched her walk through these storms. I’ve seen how she has learned to share her struggles, her doubts, her fears with her sisters, and how she has been there for them when they couldn’t see through their own clouds of doubt and fear. As a leader of women in my church, I see again and again how desperately we need each other.  God never intended for us to walk through our storms alone.
This book will give you hope in your storm. It will give you guidance and ideas on how to reach out to your sisters in their storms. It will take you deeper into God’s Word to fortify your soul and you will be better prepared to be a storm sister.”

–From the foreword by Mary Whelchel, Founder of The Christian Working Woman, and Director of Women’s Ministries for the Moody Church in Chicago



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Read what others are saying about Storm Sisters:

“This book has made me look back over my long life and wish I had it to read when I was much, much younger. I also wish I had it to read earlier last year; I guess we can call this a gem at any stage of one’s life.
A blueprint for creating that kinder, gentler world of which we all dream.”

—Patricia Broderick, 5 star reviewer


“Wonderful, heart-warming read!!”

—Sharon P., 5 star reviewer


“Afton Rorvik’s book Storm Sisters: Friends Through All Seasons is beautifully written, and I found it very helpful and meaningful to me.”

—Publisher of Journals and Coloring Books, 5 star reviewer


“A Good read for a quiet afternoon. This author makes you thankful for long time friends!”

—Linda Dee, 5 star reviewer


“Great book for my ladies Bible Study.”

—Katy Massengill Prichard, 5 star reviewer


“This is a great book, we did a book club at my church and its an easy read and very emotional book.”

—Patricia L. Sullivan, 5 star reviewer


“Many parts of this book spoke to me while I was reading it. Such as focusing on offering critique with a large dose of praise and making an effort to show kindness with encouragement and support and the healing power of journaling and being proactive with balanced work and play and diet and a healthy support system and fighting the reaction to isolate. The book chronicles the actual events of her mothers death to to a rare neurological disease: Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD). This book would most likely make a great gift for someone who experienced the loss the of a loved one. As most people will at one point experience loss and grief it is a good book for nearly anyone. It has definitely helped me feel more prepared to deal with loss and grief. Afton Rorvik shares many emotions and responses I myself went through and thought I was the only one to respond and feel that way in difficult times. For example, struggling to connect with others and wanting to isolate and not taking as good of care of myself. It gives good examples of how to be a good friend such as showing up with dinner and giving a nice phone call and or card and or encouraging and or helping out at the last minute and sometimes just being present and investing quality time with people and showing care maybe with a handmade gift and practicing grace. One part of the ending that stood out to me was how psychologically her mom responded to permission to leave.”

—SewIsabel, 5 star reviewer